The Alpena County Horsemen's Club is a group of people with a common yet diverse interest in horses and related activities.  Member's interests include showing (at local, state and national levels), training, breeding, trail riding, horse camping, search and rescue,and driving. We are all about enjoying and getting the most out of the time that we spend with our horses. Membership is open to anyone with an interest in horses. 


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Pigeon River Trail Riding

Labor Day is right around the corner
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September 3-7, 2015  Labor Day Campout at Elk Hill

September 17-20, 2015  Fall Ride Campout at Elk Hill

October 8-11, 2015  Color Ride at Elk Hill

Reservations are required!










We Need Volunteers!!!

Alpena County Horsemen's Club will be working the bar at the Alpena County Fair August 11-16, 2015. This will be six nights and we’re going to need 6 volunteers per night: from 5pm - 11pm. The club will be paid $300.00 per night and the club will put this towards the 2016 Free Children Carnival Ride Day at the Alpena County Fair. This is a win-win for all. Think no more bottle drives! Please call Jackie at 989-356-0071 and pick your night to be there.

Fair Schedule:


Tuesday August 11

Grizzly Boys and Brothers Osborne


Wednesday August 12

Kids Day; Free Ride Day 12-4 PM
Kids 12 and Under

WHSB Rock and Roll Show


Thursday August 13

Truck Races


Friday August 14

Bump and Run


Saturday August 15

Kids Day; Dog Show; Horse Show

Tractor Show (all day)
ending with the Screamers


Sunday August 16

Mitch Minton Memorial Super Kicker Rodeo


There is a lot more going on during the fair; detailed schedule will be posted on our new web page:



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August 2015



Equestrian at the Olympics

Equestrian first appeared at the Olympics in 1900.

There are a few events that are no longer held. In 1900 there was Horse High jump and Horse Long jump, and in 1920 there was Vaulting for teams and individuals.

The Olympic dressage competition started in 1912, and up until 1952, only commissioned officers were allowed to compete in these events. From 1952 the rules were changed to allow civilians and women to compete.

Danish equestrian athlete Lis Hartel became the first woman in the equestrian sports to win an Olympic medal when she won silver medals at the 1952 and 1956 Summer Olympics in dressage.

Equestrian is one of only two Olympic sports where men and women compete equally against each other. In sailing only one event remains where competitors can be mixed.

1952 Olympics in Helsinki, Fritz Thiedemann won bronze medals in both individual show jumping and team dressage, becoming the only rider in Olympic history to win medals in two equestrian disciplines at the same Games.

As quarantine laws did not allow the entry of foreign horses into Australia (or there is at least a 6 months quarantine requirement), equestrian events at the 1956 Melbourne Olympics were held in Stockholm in June. The rest of the Games started in late November, when it is summer in the Southern Hemisphere.

For the Beijing Olympics in 2008, the equestrian events were held in Hong Kong. This marked the second time the same edition of the Olympic Games being hosted by two National Olympic Committees. (the other time was when the equestrian events where held in Stockholm for the 1956 Melbourne Olympics).

The oldest woman to compete in the Olympics was British rider Lorna Johnstone, who participated in Equestrian at the 1972 Olympic Games at 70 years old and 5 days. For the men, Arthur von Pongracz of Austria competed at age 72 in Dressage in 1936, becoming one of the oldest ever competitors at the Olympics. Shooter Oscar Swahn of Sweden was also 72 when he competed in 1920.

The Equestrian events (and the equestrian part of Modern Pentathlon) are the only Olympic events that involve animals.

At the 2008 Beijing Olympics, equestrian was one of the few events not to be contested within the city limits. All equestrian events were be held in Hong Kong.










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